The Libertine Collective:

The Libertine Collective is a Connecticut-based creative group of like-minded artists of every medium who express themselves and motivate others. The Collective explores and shares ideas through actions, connections, intellect, communication and intent; allowing for enriched life experiences. In doing so, we inspire one another with endless possibilities and gain insight by learning from one another.

Our overall goal is to bring art and people who appreciate it together in an environment that appeals to even the casual dabbler. By mixing live original music with poetry, visual art and performance art, we hope to generate a sort of spectacle that might offer greater incentive to the community as naturally and organically possible.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The TLC REART Exhibit
In a world in which things are just thrown away & tossed aside a group of artists from the Libertine Collective reinvent art and celebrate the unwanted, discarded and misunderstood and take the idea of “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure to another level. In essence it is to honor the misunderstood in each and every artist that is out there. Instead of discarding the individual, we choose to honor what is different and unique.

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