The Libertine Collective:

The Libertine Collective is a Connecticut-based creative group of like-minded artists of every medium who express themselves and motivate others. The Collective explores and shares ideas through actions, connections, intellect, communication and intent; allowing for enriched life experiences. In doing so, we inspire one another with endless possibilities and gain insight by learning from one another.

Our overall goal is to bring art and people who appreciate it together in an environment that appeals to even the casual dabbler. By mixing live original music with poetry, visual art and performance art, we hope to generate a sort of spectacle that might offer greater incentive to the community as naturally and organically possible.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Libertine Mission

The Libertine Collective is dedicated to celebrating the passionate creative spirit and collective endeavors. We seek those who understand the values of living life to the fullest through actions, connections, intellect, intent and damn good conversation. The L.C. website serves as a gathering place for Connecticut like-minded artists to express themselves and thereby motivate others. In a "real world" sense, we hope to explore and gather at new venues along with the habitual hot spots we’ve come to love. On-line, we can to share ideas and thoughts through blogs, pictures and comments to keep each other up to date with our whereabouts, happenings, life accomplishments and other salient information. We will post any information of upcoming events, links, art and music if you send it along. In turn we hope to build upon our little community.

Our Manifesto:
Welcome Everyone to the Libertine Collective. This is your collective; a local community and resource site hoping to inspire one another to reach our creative potential. The idea sprang from good friends discussing the shortage of resources and means for networking with other creative people in the area. We wanted to fill this gap without limiting the community to one creative medium or another. Literature can inspire the visual arts. Beautiful music can move the poets. A painter can inspire the tattoo artist to transform the human body into a canvas. We are all connected to each other, and can inspire each other to change, grow, and reach our full potential as artists, writers, musicians, photographers, etc.

Our Mission:
• To continually seek out resources for all to use, including creative people, sites, links, events and networking opportunities. In a functional context, the Libertine website is specifically geared toward local Connecticut creative minds, but welcomes those from other areas to contribute, participate and advance our desire to bring the creative community together.

• Keep the collective up to date on potential happenings around the state. *We need you to help with this. We’re libertines, not gods and don’t know all. Let us know about your shows and special events so that we can update our page.

• To organize forums, gatherings, exhibits, concerts, etc. contributing to the collective. *Although we are a Hartford based group we will also be venturing outside of Hartford.

Your Libertine Mission:
• Use this site and the facebook site to post any other pertinent info you have pertaining to you or of others: artwork, upcoming exhibits, music concerts, CD releases, writing, etc. etc. *within reason*

• Use the discussion box link on facebook as a forum and scroll the comments and links to see what others have posted.

• Help us come up with new ideas by sending your suggestions our way via messages, posts and discussion forum. Let us know about other resources, links, open calls for exhibits, open mike nights, festivals, etc.

• check in for new information and upcoming Events.

• USE US. We want you to. This collective is for you and about you.

• Spread the News of the Libertine Collective

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