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The Libertine Collective is a Connecticut-based creative group of like-minded artists of every medium who express themselves and motivate others. The Collective explores and shares ideas through actions, connections, intellect, communication and intent; allowing for enriched life experiences. In doing so, we inspire one another with endless possibilities and gain insight by learning from one another.

Our overall goal is to bring art and people who appreciate it together in an environment that appeals to even the casual dabbler. By mixing live original music with poetry, visual art and performance art, we hope to generate a sort of spectacle that might offer greater incentive to the community as naturally and organically possible.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Colin McEnroe promotes the L.C.

For those of you who don't know our friend Colin McEnroe (really?), he hosts a radio show on WNPR (90.5 in these parts) aptly called The Colin McEnroe show. Today's topic was the Beatnik Movement, from its roots to its current incarnation. Colin had three Libertines in the studio for the broadcast: Summer Tate, the brilliant poet who read at the most recent Bohemia show, and the musical duo of Chris Phillips (of The Kelvins) and Gary Jacobs on bodhran and flute, respectively. Colin made numerous references to the Libertine Collective as a modern embodiment of the beatnik ideal, and to founders Heather Groenstein and Greg Garcia. He also fielded a call from Greg (aka me), whom he called "the King of the Hartford Beatniks." Ok, the title was way overstated (I'm certainly not the king of the Hartford beatniks, but I love being one of the more vocal of them!), but much appreciated in the sense that it spoke volumes about the Libertine Collective and what we represent. For that, I thank Colin, who just might be the king of the Hartford beatniks! To hear a stream of the show (with several poems by Summer Tate with musical accompaniment by Chris and Gary, as well as commentary by Alan Bisbort), click on: Pics coming!!!

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